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broth.er \'br*th-*r\ \'breth-(*-)r*n, 'breth-*rn\ n or brothers or 
   breth.ren [ME, fr. OE bro-thor; akin to OHG bruodor brother, L frater pl X, 
   Gk phrate-r member of the same clan 1: a male who has the same parents as 
   another or has one parent in common w ith another 2: KINSMAN  3: a fellow 
   member - used as a title for ministers in some evangelical de nominations 
   4: one related to another by common ties or interests  cap  5a: a member of 
   a congregation of men not in holy orders and usu. in hospit al or school 
   work 5b: a member of a men's religious order who is not preparing for or 
   ready f or holy orders {a lay ~}

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