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  1. contaminate           
1. de.file \di-'fi-(*)l\ \-'fi-(*)l-m*nt\ vt [ME defilen, alter. of 
   defoulen to trample, defile, fr. OF defou]ler to trample, fr. de- + fouler 
   to trample, lit., to foul 1: to make filthy : DIRTY  2: to corrupt the 
   purity or perfection of  3: RAVISH, VIOLATE  4: to make ceremonially 
   unclean  5: SULLY, DISHONOR  - de.file.ment n
2. de.file \di-'fi-(*)l, 'de--.fi-l\ vi [F de`filer, fr. de`- de- + filer 
   to move in a column - m]ore at FILE : to march in line : file off 
3. de.file \di-'fi-(*)l, 'de--.fi-l\ n [F de`file`, fr. pp. of de`filer] : 
   a narrow passage or gorge

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