Webster's English Dictionary


1. gin \'gin\ \'gan\ vb or gan;  or gin.ning [ME ginnen, short for 
   beginnen] archaic  : BEGIN 
2. gin \'jin\ n [ME gin, modif. of OF engin - more at ENGINE] : any of 
   various tools or mechanical devices : as  : a snare or trap for game  : a 
   machine for raising or moving heavy weights  : a cotton gin 
3. gin \'jin\ vt or ginned;  or gin.ning 1: SNARE  2: to separate (cotton 
   fiber) from seeds and waste material  - gin.ner n
4. gin \(.)gin\ cj [perh. alter. of Sc & E dial. gif, fr. ME yif, if] dial  
   : IF 
5. gin \'jin\ \'jin-e-\ n [by shortening & alter. fr. geneva] 1: a strong 
   alcoholic liquor made by distilling a mash of grain with junipe r berries 
   2: a liquor similar to gin made from plain spirit flavored with an aromatic 
    - gin.ny aj

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