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1. sec.u.lar \'sek-y*-l*r\ aj [ME, fr. OF seculer, fr. LL saecularis, fr. 
   L, coming once in an ag]e, fr. saeculum breed, generation; akin to L serere 
   to sow - more at SOW 1a: of or relating to the worldly or temporal {~ 
   concerns}  1b: not overtly or specif. religious {~ music}  1c: not 
   ecclesiastical or clerical {~ courts ~ landowners}  2: not bound by 
   monastic vows or rules; specif : of, relating to,  or forming clergy not 
   belonging to a religous order or congregation {a ~ priest} 3a: occurring 
   once in an age or a century  3b: existing or continuing through ages or 
   centuries; also : CY CLICAL - sec.u.lar.ly av
2. secular n 1: a secular ecclesiastic (as a parish priest)  2: LAYMAN

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